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Welcome to You can buy up to five art works from over 1000 of my works and I mail the prints to you COMPLETELY GRATIS. Every work is signed, dated and numbered of an edition of 25.

Please be patient because it takes a while to download the 1000 plus pictures. is a innovative solution to the problem of the economics of art, but in particular turns it into a concept. In the sense that it’s not just a different way to make money with art, but also questions what value art has today, what the consequences of sharing, open source etc are for fine art.

Everyone who orders a picture becomes a pin marker on a world map on, the more who order pictures the better the project becomes. You can also support and take part in the project by sending me a documentation of your ordered pictures in use to Your documentation is shown together with your pin marker on and in future project presentations and -exhibitions.

Send an e-mail to with the file name of your chosen photo/photos as subject, e.g. the file name gratis-24. As content in the e-mail you write the delivery address.

The pictures you can order gratis are laser-copies printed on thick normal paper. But if you are ready to pay, it’s possible to order the pictures as high quality printouts, in this case the pictures are signed and numbered on the back side.

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Oskar Lindström


Wacker f.3

PopUp Exhibition
Opening hours: 14-18:00

30.10.2020 | 20:00
in Wacker f.3

Wacker Fabrik
Ober-Ramstädter-Str. 96
Mühltal, Germany